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What We Do…

Softwash Roof Cleaning

Softwash roof cleaning is a low pressure non-invasive method of cleaning your roof. High pressure methods crack tiles and can lead to water damage! We apply a chemical mixture consisting of chlorine, and some other additives, which removes mold from the tiles almost instantly. We then use minimal pressure to rinse this chemical off, removing any dirt or residual mold in the process. The result, a roof that looks almost like new!

Because the chemical can be abrasive to plants and grass we take care to cover all your plants and place bags on all your downspouts. We also position a person on the ground whose sole responsibility is to care for your shrubbery and ensure the chemical is properly rinsed off it.

We do go on the roof to clean it. This allows us to thoroughly clean in and under each tile. This cannot be done properly any other way, the added benefit in doing this though is that we are also able to fix any tiles which may already be broken on your roof.

Your roof softwash also includes cleaning of your gutters, soffits, and fascia. We want to make sure your home is beautiful, we take pride in our work.

To that end every roof cleaning is guaranteed by a 2 YEAR WARRANTY against dirt and mold on the roof. If dirt or mold reappear within two years of our cleaning it we’ll come back out and clean it again, for free!

Pressure Wash Services

We can pressure wash almost anything! If you’re not sure, give us a call. We commonly clean driveways, lanais, decks, and the sides of homes. The service includes an application of our mold removing chemical mixture providing for an even deeper clean.

Ask us about sealing your pavers too!

After we pressure wash pavers many customers have chosen to have us seal them as well. This adds years of protection against mold and dirt while providing a low gloss finish which enhances the beauty and color of the pavers. Our sealing work is guaranteed by a 3 YEAR WARRANTY against dirt and mold on the pavers.